Normalcy & Acceptance 

“Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal” What is normal when you suffer from an invisible illness? When I saw this quote, I had to stop and reflect on what is normal. Or in my world of fibromyalgia, my new normal. I have to say, and I think many could […]

Wait….There’s More?

What is this about? Well I just found out on Sunday while I was in the hospital! When the doctors mentioned the word  costochondritis and its relationship to fibromyalgia my initial thought was “wait….there’s more to this disease?” I was anxious to find out what exactly  what this was, the treatment plan, and how long it […]

Everyday Denial and the Battle it Brings….

It’s funny to me how I come across these quotes dealing with Fibromyalgia and they always seem to hit me in the face! There is always that one on a particular day that stops me dead in my tracks!! For almost a year I denied my disease. I tried to live my life as seamless […]

This is my Graceful…..

I see this picture…this quote and my first thought is what does that mean? What does that mean to live “gracefully with chronic fatigue?” In my mind fatigue is not graceful. In the world of a person living with an invisible illness and/or a chronic illness, being fatigued is WORSE than simply being tired. I […]

Who Unplugged Me? 

Oh my gosh! I thought I would have felt some type of relief by now considering this is day 3 of feeling like I have been unplugged from all of my available energy sources! Can someone please plug me back in?  My assumption is is that I will never feel any relief. I can sleep […]

It is NOT What it Seems…

  Within these last few months, I have lost a lot of friendships.  I know for a fact that many people don’t understand what it means to have a chronic illness that has never been heard of….but with this blog we will be past of all that soon! Symptoms of Fibromyalgia can arise at any […]

Can I Pick Just One? 

Is there any way I can get through the day with just one symptom? Just one would be enough, I promise! Unfortunately, with Fibromyalgia I deal with multiple symptoms through out different times of the day. I never get a break….. The complexities of the symptoms are unimaginable.  I start my day generally with stiffness, […]